Meraki Art Tribe is an online platform that unites artists to grow as one community, aiming at decorating space and time while connecting human world-wide through shared vision ; expanding their skills & creativity through mutual help and love. Raising the voices of artists, to spread consciousness about how precious and valuable art is, and which has always been disregarded; how it is considered by our current society. We firmly believe in the uniqueness and authenticity of artists and diversity is the key. We aim at bringing equity in the artistic world, by mutually supporting and encouraging artist to live by their art, so that they leave their colors on the big canvas name EARTH. Thanks for reading & have a nice trip ♥


We create a professional portfolio for artists on Merakitribe.art website

We offer worldwide visibility and promote artist’s portfolio on social networks

We help artists achieving their artistic goal through our (included) agency facilities.(conditions applied)

We offer video and sound recording facilities (conditions applied)

A benchmark report will be sent to you after 1 year membership

When submitting an artistic profile through the platform, your content shall go through our 48hours approval phase & Merakitribe.art has the right not to valid/put an end to an artist profile on the platform, to keep a focus vision and standard.

We aim at unifying artists who have the same vision and create together a fare world*

Artists membership fees will allow merakitribe.art to provide professional equipment to artists

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