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Mauritian , artists, singer, junior marina, guitarist , meraki

Junior Marina

Singer | Guitarist

aglae, mauritian artist, mauritius, live performance, singer, female, emerging



Christelle Thomas, Mauritian Singer, Composer, Mambo, book an artist, entrepreneur, woman, Lady, sitting on the beach, blue jeans, seaside

Christelle Thomas

Singer | Composer

julien coosnapen, latet, mauritian artist, mauritius, guitarist, singer


Singer | Guitarist

Dr Sley - Light Up the throne, Album cover, Portfolio, profile picture, cameroune artist, rasta, King, artist

Dr Sley

Singer | Composer

wayo, loic, singer, maurtius, guitarist


Singer | Guitarist | Band

nabi , christopher jhureea, guitarist, singer, harness the vibe, a la vibe, mauritius



jah fyan , claren , artists, mauritius, singer, guitarist


Singer | Guitarist

Bam , Marday Armoogum, ex-prisoner from Mauritius, singer, sega music, mauritian artist, bald head, sunglasses, maurtius, art, book an artist in mauritius, artist platform, artist directory and artist community.


Singer | Composer

Ilario armel, Mauritian artist, Artist directory, portfolio listing, profile picture, red and black, ila rio, young local talents, book an artist, artist directory mauritius

Ila Rio

Singer | Composer

Christelle Zamir, born to be music, mauritian singer, bassist, guitarist, mauritian artist community profile picture for music portfolio, live music, book an artist, girl playing guitar, curly hair, soft light

Christelle Zamir

Singer | Composer

jp pompeia, mauritian singer, artist, meraki, guitarist, live performance, art , l'artiste

Jp Pompeia

Singer | Guitarist

Paul shiloh, artist portfolio listing, meraki art tribe, hand cross, on a rock on the beach, propfile picture, mauritian singer, artist

Paul Shiloh

Singer | Composer

Mino & Tamby from madagascar, artistic portfolio profile picture, winner of 2nd price of cascavelle unplugged, smiling faces, happy people, girl and boy friends,one year membership artist portfolio on meraki art tribe by cascavelle shopping mall

Mino & Tamby

Singer | Duet

Sami Lee, French beatboxer, artist portfolio listing, artist directory, mauritius, samy lee, hip hop, guitarist, techno, psytrance, multi-intrumentalist

Sami Lee